The Tower of the Elephant

An adaptation of the classic sword & sorcery tale by Robert E. Howard, first published in 1933. This game was entered in the 12th Interactive Fiction competition, where it ranked 15th place of 43.

The shimmering shaft of the tower rose frostily in the stars. In the sunlight it shone so dazzlingly that few could bear its glare, and men said it was built of silver. It was round, a slim perfect cylinder, a hundred and fifty feet in height, and its rim glittered in the starlight with the great jewels which crusted it. The tower stood among the waving exotic trees of a garden raised high above the general level of the city. A high wall enclosed this garden, and outside the wall was a lower level, likewise enclosed by a wall. No lights shone forth; there seemed to be no windows in the tower -- at least not above the level of the inner wall. Only the gems high above sparkled frostily in the starlight.

You can play this game in your browser, or download the game file.

The source code for the game is licensed under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial-sharealike license. It is quite obsolete and won't compile on modern versions of Inform 7 without a lot of hacking.

Creative Commons License

The can also read the original story in a nicely typeset PDF file, or online at

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